FileTime, the latest Service Provider to join Indiana’s eFiling Network

FileTime has been certified by the State of Indiana (April 14, 2016), and is its latest eFiling Service Provider (EFSP). The late Tom Schoolcraft (President) and Vice President/CTO Bud Panjwani envisioned building a state-of-the-art eFiling system in a particular state’s unique eFiling system that is reliable and simple for everyone to use. Therefore, FileTime was developed using two overarching goals:

  1. Provide the fastest and most reliable eFiling service provider functions in the state’s eFiling system for our customers.
  2. Keep listening to our customer base to further refine and improve our service.

FileTime has been providing eFiling services in the State of Texas to more than 20,000 users in the legal profession as well as pro se filers, culminating more than 1.5 million submissions through FileTime since 2013. Our eFiling system is very intuitive, which makes your eFiling experience less stressful and simple. However, we understand that there are times when our customers may have questions, so we provide customer support dedicated to phone, live-chat, or email; so you can rest easy knowing that FileTime is there for you.

Some features offered include Monthly Billing & Invoicing so a you don’t have to provide a credit card to pay for your firm’s eFiling and we can bill you monthly for those filings; Extended file-stamped document storage so you don’t have to worry about the link that Odyssey File & Serve provides for gaining access to your file-stamped copy, which may deactivate after 30 or 45 days; also, there no software to purchase. To save money and time, you can Submit Multiple Filings with Each Submission. FileTime enables you to submit an unlimited number of same-case filings on one set of filing fees. FileTime is completely web-based so you access it though any web browser, and much more!

Also, we offer tiered-pricing options, which means you pay only for the services you need. Our low prices combined with the Features and Services such as free fax service, removing the hassle of credit card reconciliation and mobile version of FileTime to name a few, means that we offer the best value by far among all the service providers. We use the latest technology combined with great programming and advanced infrastructure to provide for your unsurpassed reliability, security, and speed.

We are available to schedule training via webinars and in some cases, we may be able to make arrangements to visit your law firm, to help you acquaint yourself with Indiana State eFiling system to learn the basics of eFiling and eService submission, as well as how to navigate through FileTime and experience the essence of the great components we have available.

Through many years of one-on-one work with attorneys, firm administrators, and firm support teams we learned that:

Fast and reliable customer service is critical because wasted time is so costly to law firms. That why FileTime site uses multi-threaded technology to utilize all the processors to enhance user experience. Our pages are compressed/cached during the request so it can be delivered faster to the user.

Law firms want integrated solutions to reduce, wherever possible, redundant and inefficient tasks. This is why all codes are personally reviewed by the company’s Vice President to ensure if there are any functionality abnormalities, they will not go unnoticed and can get resolved quickly.

Law firms and other users want easy to learn and use software solutions that do not require extensive training. We offer a simple, easy to use platform because we understand high demands of the industry and the need to submit documents to the courts in a timely and efficient manner. So our mindset was to design a system that anyone can begin eFiling immediately without even attending training. In order to achieve this, we added pop up helpers all along the way to assist. Additionally, you will find that, because of our simple design, you do much less clicking to open and close pages. All the information you need about a client, a case, a filing, an eService, etc. is only a click away on any page.

Remember, FileTime core values are the guiding principles that demand outstanding support from our employees, while making the customer needs a priority without barriers.

For more information on how to get register, visit our website at:, or call us at 1-800-658-1233 to get started today.

Press Contact
Bud Panjwani
1-800-658-1233 ext 11

  • In spite of initial reservations from many of our users, those who have now used FileTime like it and have found it easy to use. I appreciate your great customer service!


    Kathy, Houston

  • Tom has always been there for me in my use of efiling. He got me set up and guided me through the process. He has quickly provided "fixes" to glitches in both the system and me as a user. He will be a pivotal influence on the many lawyers who are being dragged "kicking and screaming" into the age of efiling in state courts in Texas. He is the right man for the job.


    Rush Wells, Attorney

  • In my 25 years of dealing with various service providers in the legal industry, Tom Schoolcraft is at the top of my list for being the most knowledgeable and quick to respond to my needs. It didn’t matter what time, day or night, Tom was always available by email or phone to try and solve whatever issue I may have been experiencing.


    Law Office Administrator, Dallas

  • Tom Schoolcraft is the go to person in e-filing. Tom's combination of ground roots experience, boundless energy, generous spirit and a people networking gift has made my e-filing issues disappear. Tom always finds workable solutions to any e-filing issue and makes sure you know why the solution is the best.


    Carol Wyatt Myers, Attorney

  • Just wanted to take this time to say that I truly appreciate everything you and your staff are doing for us. I have had many instances when I’ve needed prompt assistance and your staff has always been available — at all hours of the evening — to offer guidance and solutions. It has been a joy to work with everyone I’ve contacted at your company.

    Only the best to you and your staff for the new year. You guys rock!

  • Your support has been a life saver. Late Friday evening I was faced with a technical problem and a filing deadline before Monday morning. You (personally) worked with me Friday night and Saturday morning until my filing was completed. From Monday through Thursday you (personally) continued following up to ensure that all issues were resolved. Thanks again for all your excellent work.


    K Walker

  • We recently experienced a problem with the filing of a new lawsuit with the district clerk of a major metropolitan area. Tom Schoolcraft responded with lightning speed, helped us draft multiple affidavits, and thoroughly explained the process to me in layman’s terms (for conveying to the court). In the end, the trial court agreed with our analysis. Thank you Tom and FileTime!


    Kevin Queenan, Attorney