About FileTime, Why we formed, and who we are

We developed FileTime using two overarching goals:

  1. Provide the fastest and most reliable eFiling service provider functions in the TX eFiling system for our customers
  2. Keep listening to our customer base to further refine and improve our service.
  • Through many years of one-on-one work with attorneys, firm administrators, and firm support teams we learned that:
  • Fast and reliable customer service is critical because wasted time is so costly to law firms.
  • National service providers are often more concerned about their bottom lines than about service to their customers.
  • Law firms want integrated solutions to reduce, wherever possible, redundant and inefficient tasks.
  • Law firms want easy to learn and use software solutions that do not require extensive training.
  • Small, nimble service providers like FileTime can succeed very well when they provide a great service and value to their customers.

Tom Schoolcraft


I am a graduate of Texas A&M University and I’ve worked in a number of fields. But, I really felt my calling during my time with ProDoc®. I interacted regularly with attorneys and law firms of all sizes. From this experience I gained a great appreciation of the challenges and frustrations faced by attorneys on a daily basis.

I also gained a tremendous appreciation of challenges and rewards of efficiency and cost savings that technology brings to practitioners. The plaudits heaped upon ProDoc documents assembly software by law firms large and small offered ample testimony to that effect.

While at ProDoc we developed an appreciation that eFiling offered similar advances in efficiency and we were among the first service providers in the original eFiling for Courts system. I took a leadership position in that product and grew our market share to 60+% through providing great service and a reasonable fee.

Upon hearing about the transition from eFiling for Courts to eFiling Manager I saw a tremendous opportunity to develop a completely new eFiling system. I wanted to combine the latest technology to provide efficiency and reliability for our customers and new features to further boost firm efficiency.

With the help of my partner, Bud Panjwani, I believe you will agree that we developed the premier eFiling service provider system in eFiling Manager.

Bud Panjwani


As a FileTime user, you are participating in the culmination of my dreams. FileTime represents the compilation of all my skills and knowledge as a programmer. I have more than twelve years of development experience with the US Air Force, a medical device manufacturer, a government intelligence agency, a desktop software manufacturer, and another Texas eFiling Service provider. But, FileTime is the first time I have had a totally free hand to marry that experience with the latest technology to create a really unique product.

Most software developers are constrained by corporate policy, legacy systems, and education-dated management to using outdated software development tools. The result often shows as software applications that are slow and fail to take advantage of the latest features of browser development. You’ll find that FileTime is incredibly fast and unbelievably reliable. Reliability is a subjective term but I expect that we are the only eFiling service provider in TX that can claim that 75% of our code is backed by internal automated system testing. If nearly any area of our code should malfunction for any reason, our internal diagnostics will immediately notify my team as to the area and the nature of the failure. This will enable us to quickly address any issues that arise.

So, thank you for choosing FileTime and my team and I look forward to serving your eFiling in a reliable and efficient manner for many years.

  • In spite of initial reservations from many of our users, those who have now used FileTime like it and have found it easy to use. I appreciate your great customer service!


    Kathy, Houston

  • Tom has always been there for me in my use of efiling. He got me set up and guided me through the process. He has quickly provided "fixes" to glitches in both the system and me as a user. He will be a pivotal influence on the many lawyers who are being dragged "kicking and screaming" into the age of efiling in state courts in Texas. He is the right man for the job.


    Rush Wells, Attorney

  • In my 25 years of dealing with various service providers in the legal industry, Tom Schoolcraft is at the top of my list for being the most knowledgeable and quick to respond to my needs. It didn’t matter what time, day or night, Tom was always available by email or phone to try and solve whatever issue I may have been experiencing.


    Law Office Administrator, Dallas

  • Tom Schoolcraft is the go to person in e-filing. Tom's combination of ground roots experience, boundless energy, generous spirit and a people networking gift has made my e-filing issues disappear. Tom always finds workable solutions to any e-filing issue and makes sure you know why the solution is the best.


    Carol Wyatt Myers, Attorney

  • Just wanted to take this time to say that I truly appreciate everything you and your staff are doing for us. I have had many instances when I’ve needed prompt assistance and your staff has always been available — at all hours of the evening — to offer guidance and solutions. It has been a joy to work with everyone I’ve contacted at your company.

    Only the best to you and your staff for the new year. You guys rock!

  • Your support has been a life saver. Late Friday evening I was faced with a technical problem and a filing deadline before Monday morning. You (personally) worked with me Friday night and Saturday morning until my filing was completed. From Monday through Thursday you (personally) continued following up to ensure that all issues were resolved. Thanks again for all your excellent work.


    K Walker

  • We recently experienced a problem with the filing of a new lawsuit with the district clerk of a major metropolitan area. Tom Schoolcraft responded with lightning speed, helped us draft multiple affidavits, and thoroughly explained the process to me in layman’s terms (for conveying to the court). In the end, the trial court agreed with our analysis. Thank you Tom and FileTime!


    Kevin Queenan, Attorney